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Call Boxes and Parking Lots

Call Boxes and

Call boxes can be used in parking lots of hospitals, college campuses, and plaza areas. Call boxes in these areas are often for emergency situations. Emergency call boxes serve an integral part of the security in parking lots and parking decks. Emergency call boxes can include radio or two-way telephone communication directly with the local police dispatch or 911. . Call boxes can contact any first responder. On college campuses, the campus police or security can be contacted directly. Emergency call boxes are usually operated by pressing an emergency button or call button after opening a hatch. Many call boxes are equipped with lights which can flash. Some call boxes also include video monitoring so that the situation can be more quickly and accurately identified. Two-way communication allows effective exchange of information.

Call boxes in a parking lot are there to make the public feel safe about leaving at various times of day. Especially because parking lots and garages can sometimes provide only spotty Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage, call-boxes are an important part of security.

On college campuses, call-boxes are often placed in every parking lot. In this way, students can expect them to be there for their safety and convenience. Call boxes are often times placed on each floor of a parking garage or parking lot. Usually they are located in the corners or near the entrance or exit. Many college campuses have the positions of their call boxes listed on their website to help students be informed of their security. Their location can help students of pedestrians plan their walks by knowing which paths are safe to take

Post Author: Mike Delaney