Minelec PA Systems Product Highlight

Product Spotlight: PA Systems

Minelec offers a variety of PA system solutions for engineers and contractors. We’re highlighting a few of our PA system products to better showcase the great options available for custom engineered solutions for industrial PAs for mining and other industries.


Paging System – M61‐982 Series Industrial IP PA

The Minelec Long Line Industrial IP PA System provides a support platform to cost effectively maintain and enhance traditional communication services while also embracing the advantages offered by IP communications. It features automated message scheduling and live paging. Along with complete system diagnostics available at any point within the network. The IP networked system architecture allows unlimited expansion capability into an unlimited geographical area, using IP control and audio. Dual functionality will allow simultaneous operation from IP or legacy 4 wire copper network, so operation of standard station equipment using either transmission platform is available. Live paging or scheduled, pre-programmed digitally stored messaging at any location based on unique schedules are available with remote live or automated paging.


The IP PA also features text to speech in English and French and integrated communications with station and group calling, along with simultaneous paging access by local Redphone, GTCC or other transit users. A dual redundant amplifier/speaker system ensures paging in the event of a single fault. The technology is suitable for use in 25,000V overhead wire electric transit systems. There is optional remote control of volume levels in station zones, from remote monitoring station when MPLS network when enabled. Self-diagnostic amplifiers provide temperature, overload and power-fail indications that are transmitted to remote monitoring station using either MPLS or 4 Wire circuit. Integrated system diagnostics will monitor audio line level, 70V signal level, status of system cards and audio data. The optional real time noise level compensation capability maintains the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 10dB above ambient noise.


PA System M65-540 Series IP PA Manager

The M65-540 Series IP PA Manager, within the Minelec IP System, provides complete control and supervision of an installed PA system. The PA Manager is TCP/IP network connected. It provides complete control of signal routing, audio parameters, prioritization of page messages, diagnostics and logging. These PA Managers provide configuration using the Minelec IP Enterprise Utility for the entire system, including zone names, zone group configuration, audio channel configuration, priority allocations, zone volume level control and paging device configuration.


The PA Managers also automatically detect configured device types when they are connected to the system. Also, The PA Managers receive audio-level data from each zone and will route it for display at the configured Paging Monitor Devices. Dual network capability is provided, allowing connection to other PA systems and servers, using customer corporate networks, while retaining the independence of the local PA system subnet.


PA System -M61‐950‐005 Dual 125W Amplifier

The M61‐950‐005 Dual 125W Amplifier can operate as either two 125W amplifiers, or one single 250W amplifier. The design also allows additional flexibility when designing PA systems with demanding zone requirements.

The M61‐950‐005 includes balanced 600 Ohm screw terminal inputs, and an unbalanced Hi‐Z phone input & parallel ‘patch’ output connection. The industrial design includes multiple safeguards to ensure long life, including: short circuit, peak overload, current limiting, thermal runaway, and a DC output for quiet power on. Each amplifier stage includes built‐in monitoring outputs for: overload, over temperature and power on and a combined “OR” output. In addition, both 70.7V outputs are available on dual parallel screw terminals.


PA System – M61‐931‐200 IP DSP ANCU

The M61‐931‐200 Ambient Noise Compensation Unit (ANCU) addresses the common Public Address system issue of varying noise levels within a specific broadcast environment. Our IP DSP ANCU was designed at the specific request of a major user of public address systems who found that the performance characteristics of other ambient noise compensation units was not adequate. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design incorporates accurate digital audio separation techniques to maximize the effective measurement of actual background noise, and better filter out that noise. This results in superior real-world performance when used with the Minelec IP industrial paging system. The Minelec ANCU provides automatic gain adjustment over a 20dB range.


As far as approvals go, before leaving the factory all Minelec Industrial Communication Systems undergo a double approvals process. The first step of this is a safety approval on all the equipment contained in a Mincom Communications Cabinet. After that, the complete cabinet, including all the wiring is ESA/CSA, is inspected and certified. Each is identified by a unique serial number identifier that is riveted to the completed Mincom Communications Cabinet for quality control.


Our design solutions and applications utilizing our PA system products provide an important communication function to meet industrial standards within a facility. We can provide critical communication systems for the toughest environmental situations. This can include paging, alarms, two-way functional communication systems, or more tailored equipment to meet any conditions. Contact us for more information regarding our cabinets paging zones, terminals and cabinets, or to request a demo.