Belt Alignment Switch


This robust unit is designed to give consistent and reliable operation when used in the most demanding of environments such as the conditions encountered in mines and quarries. These units are used in pairs, one on each side of the conveyor to be protected at those points where a mis-alignment is likely to occur. The unit is equipped with a switch which is activated when a mis-alignment of the conveyor occurs and thus the conveyor can be stopped before the conveyor or the associated rollers are damaged.



The switch and associated terminals are mounted in a weatherproof plastic moulded enclosure which is fitted with two CM20 20mm cable glands. The plastic enclosure is mounted on a steel channel which carries the actuating arm. When the unit detects a mis-alignment, the actuating arm rotates 90° to a horizontal position allowing it to be seen from along the conveyor.


The Belt Alignment Switch is deemed intrinsically safe to the ATEX standard EN 60079-11:2012 Explosive Atmospheres-Part 11:Equipment protection by intrinsic safety ”i” section 5.7 ‘Simple Apparatus’. The switch contacts can be used to switch an intrinsically safe circuit with the following characteristics: Umax = 50 volts; Imax = 100ma.

Switch Rating:

The unit is fitted with a single-pole changeover micro-switch rated at 250volts ac; 10amps.