M59‐111 Series Zone Command Unit

The M59‐111 Series Zone Command Units are at the heart of the Minelec IP PA System and when network connected with the Minelec IP PA Manager, provide the ultimate flexibility and reliability in Professional PA system design.


  • TCP/IP Connected providing 1 or 2,  100BaseT ISO/IEEE 802‐3 Ethernet ports.
  • Automatic configuration when connected to a net‐ worked Minelec PA Manager.
  • 32 zone architecture, expansion unlimited, in blocks of 8 zones.
  • Zone cards may provide either line level balanced 600Ω, or Digital Modular Amplifiers.
  • Minelec Modular Amplifiers may be either 70V, or 8Ω, 30W. Optional
  • surge protection for systems wired close to high voltage sources (e.g. Electric Traction Rail).
  • Line cards with balanced 600Ω outputs are professionally  connected to Minelec 125, 250 or 500W Amplfiers which maybe situated either locally or remotely.
  • Vu meter display for each Zone Card coupled with digital remote control of volume (255 levels) and optional remote configuration of equalizer and delay.
  • FXO ports for either analog PBX or VoIP telephone paging.
  • 600Ω balanced inputs for the professional connection of remote external paging devices in noisy electrical environments (for example Electric Traction Rail).
  • High impedance (10KΩ) inputs for connection of local paging devices.
  • High impedance (10KΩ)music Inputs, with configurable signal routing and automatic page muting.
  • Adaptive ambient noise compensation for improved intelligibility using the Audiostat ™ unique human ear-brain algorithm.
  • CACF microphone inputs and Emergency Restore function (OBC)
  • Full system diagnostics at every point in the system, with amplifier monitoring, and 3 optional systems for speaker circuit fault detection.
  • Efficient and reliable Minelec system design utilizes natural ventilation, no requirement for fan cooling.
Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.46.48 PM


Before leaving the factory all Minelec Industrial PA Systems undergo a double approvals process. The first step is safety approval on all the equipment contained in the Minelec IP Cabinet. In addition, the complete cabinet including all wiring is ESA/CSA inspected and certified and is identified by a unique serial number identifier that is riveted to the completed Minelec IP PA Cabinet.