M69-300 Series Emergency Stop Conveyor Pull Key


Our tautwire pullkey is a superbly styled pullkey providing safety protection in the vicinity of moving machinery. The unit houses all components in a rugged UV stabilized, lightweight Polycarbonate enclosure designed for use in arduous areas.


The tautwire pullkey not only locks out when the tripwire is operated but also offers the failsafe feature of stopping the machinery if the pullwire should break or slacken off beyond preset limits.


While each user application varies, the pullkey is typically installed every 150ft. along protected machinery.


The switching mechanism of the pullkey is snap action such that both switches and the mechanism, latch simultaneously, preventing inadvertent resetting of the switches. The unit also incorporates lock and tagout safety built in.


For prolonged life and low maintenance, corrosion resistant components are used in addition to pullshaft sealing boots, operating knob “O” ring seals and fully gasketed lid.


For low voltage applications a range of options are available including the addition of a 1/4” jack socket for use with our portable ATHOS communication handsets. These provide audio communication between pullkeys when connected together using pull cable style installations.


In addition, a numerical indication system is also available when used with our MLTW15KS conveyor monitoring system that can identify the location of the locked out pullkey using only 2 x conductors for conveyors up to 15km in length.


Conveyor Pull Key Features:

  • Water and dust resistant to IP65
  • Slackwire version available with 32Kg spring
  • Positive snap action switching mechanism
  • Large easily operated lockout knob with integral cats eye indicator
  • Easy top cover removal for inspection
  • Tough UV stabilised Polycarbonate enclosure
  • Double ended version as standard
  • Optional indicator lamps, audio jack sockets, padlock facility, Semaphor flag, additional contacts, stainless fixings etc.
  • Tag and lockout feature included
  • Cable terminations via 12 way terminal block
  • Optional numerical lockout I.D. system available


Operating Voltage:


Operating Temperature:

Fixing Hole Centers:

Tautwire Spring Tension:
Optional Spring Tensions:

12‐48v dc using control chassis
110v 5A ac
110v 5A dc (resistive)

-30 to +50 Deg. C.


12Kgs or 32Kgs

Specifications subject to change without notice