PA System -M61‐950‐005 Dual 125W Amplifier


The M61‐950‐005 Dual 125W Amplifier can operate as either two 125W amplifiers, or one single 250W amplifier. When incorporated in the Minelec IP Public Address system, automatic amplifier switchover is available in the unlikely event that an amplifier failure should occur. The design also allows additional flexibility when designing PA systems with demanding zone requirements. The M61‐950‐005 includes balanced 600 Ohm screw terminal inputs, and an unbalanced Hi‐Z phono input & parallel ‘Patch’ output connection. The industrial design includes multiple safeguards to ensure long life, including: short circuit, peak overload, current limiting, thermal runaway, and a DC output for quiet power on. Each amplifier stage includes built‐in monitoring outputs for: Overload, Over Temperature and Power On AND a combined “OR” output. These are all available on simple screw terminals. In addition, both 70.7V outputs are available on dual parallel screw terminals.


  • Industrial design provides multiple protec‐ tions including Relay, Short Circuit & AC. Circuit Breaker
  • Designed for Continuous Duty
  • Dual Redundant Operation in 125W Mode
  • Independent Balance 600Ω input
M61‐950‐005 Dual 125W Amplifier


Frequency Response:



Distortion (THD):

Signal to Noise Ratio






20 ‐ 20 KHz +/‐ .02dB

2 x 125W or 1 x 250W


0.15% (20 ‐ 20 KHz, @ rated power

> 85dB

Convection Cooled

Rackmount 2U (EIA)

19” x 3.5” x 12” (W/H/D)

27.5 lbs

120Vac with aux 120Vac Output



Before leaving the factory all Minelec Industrial PA Systems undergo a double approvals process. The first step is safety approval on all the equipment contained in the Minelec IP Cabinet. In addition, the complete cabinet including all wiring is ESA/CSA inspected and certified and is identified by a unique serial number identifier that is riveted to the completed Minelec IP PA Cabinet.