PA System – M65‐540 Series IP PA MANAGER


The M65‐540 Series IP PA Manager is an integral part of the Minelec IP System, and provide complete control and supervision of the installed PA System. The PA Manager is TCP/IP network connected and provides control of signal routing, audio parameters, prioritization of page messages, logging and diagnostics.

The IP PA Managers provide configuration using the Minelec IP Enterprise Utility for the entire system, including zone names, zone group configuration, audio channel configuration, priority allocations, zone volume level control and paging device configuration. The PA Managers also automatically detect configured device types when they are connected to the system and configures them as required. In addition, The PA Managers receive audio level data from each zone and routes it for display at the configured Paging Monitor Devices. Dual network capability is provided, allowing connection to other PA systems and servers, using customer corporate networks, while retaining the independence of the local PA system subnet.  Automatic backup of all system configuration data and log reports, is provided using FTP to a remote server.

The unit comes as standard as a 1U, 19” rack mounted device and requires no additional cooling when used in a Minelec IP PA System.

MINCOM IP PA MANAGER M65‐540 Series Image

Physical Specification






Width 19”
Height 1.75” (1U)
Depth  11”

90 ‐ 265V AC RMS
47 ‐ 63Hz, 150W

Temp: 0 ‐ 50C
Humidity: 0‐90% non condensing

External Interface:


Data Rate:

RJ‐45 Lan/Wan

10/100Base‐T, Full Duplex
Auto Negotiating




Minelec IP PA system, Station
“Redphone” 4 Wire ready

Minelec IP PA System

M65-540-Series-Mincom-IP-PA-Manager-572 Image 2


Before leaving the factory all Minelec Industrial PA Systems undergo a double approvals process. The first step is safety approval on all the equipment contained in the Minelec IP Cabinet. In addition, the complete cabinet including all wiring is ESA/CSA inspected and certified and is identified by a unique serial number identifier that is riveted to the completed Minelec IP PA Cabinet.