Pease Probe Sensing Device


The Pease Probe Sensing device comprises of a compact weatherproof plastic moulded enclosure containing a micro-switch and associated terminals. The enclosure is also fitted with a flexible actuating probe which operates the micro-switch when it is deflected sideways. Thus the Pease Probe is suitable for many applications in mining and the minerals handling industry.


  • Conveyor Blocked Chutes
  • Broken Haulage Rope Strands
  • Belt Misalignments
  • Dead Mans Handles
  • Torn Belts
  • Vehicle Movement
  • Liquid Levels
  • Door Positions


The Pease Probe can be supplied with probe lengths of 12”, 18” or 24” and an option of a time delay on the switching function which is adjustable up to 15 seconds.

Switch Rating:

The Pease Probe is fitted with a single pole changeover micro-switch rated at 240volts ac, 10Amps.

Cable entries:

The unit is supplied with one CM 20 20mm cable gland and one 20mm tapped blanked off entry.


The Pease Probe unit is deemed intrinsically safe to the ATEX standard EN 60079-11:2012 Explosive Atmospheres-Part 11:Equipment protection by intrinsic safety ”i” section 5.7 ‘Simple Apparatus’. The switch contacts can be used to switch an intrinsically safe circuit with the following characteristics: Ui max = 50 volts; Ii max = 100ma.