VoIP and WiFi Addressable Amplified Speaker – Models: 13382 and 13383


  •  Wired or WiFi VoIP
  • One-way broadcasting from VoIP network
  • Weatherproof design (3R)
  • Direct dc power input or PoE
  • 30-Watt power output with 24 V dc input
  • 8-Watt power output with 15 V dc or PoE input
  • 600-ohm audio output (all models)
  • Two programmable dry contact closure outputs
  • SIP compatible (RFC3261)
  • Universal ac input power supply included; 15 V dc
  • 24 V dc weatherproof power supply kit available
  • Real-time alarm reporting via TMA software (purchased separately)
  • Configurable via web page, serial link or download
  • Multicast capability, up to eight addresses

GAI-Tronics VoIP Addressable Amplified Speakers enable one-way broadcasting to personnel throughout a facility over an existing VoIP network. Each speaker is self-contained to include the necessary VoIP interface circuitry and an extremely efficient Class D amplifier. The Model 13383 VoIP Amplified Speaker is designed for a hardwire connection, via RS485, to the Ethernet network. The Model 13382 WiFi Amplified Speaker provides the same broadcast capability as the Model 13383 series but allows connection to an existing wireless network. The amplified speakers can easily be added to an existing VoIP network (10/100 baseT Ethernet) or wireless VoIP network (IEEE 802.11 b/g) with minimal cost or effort.

Each addressable amplified speaker includes an integrated speaker amplifier circuit that can supply up to 30 watts of output power. Each speaker can additionally provide a 600 Ohm, 0 dBM audio output to drive non-VoIP devices. This output provides greater flexibility in system design as any audio received via VoIP will be provided as an output to a separate device that accepts a 600 Ohm input. This feature will prove extremely useful if planning to interface VoIP audio to an existing central amplifier or fire alarm public address system.

Each VoIP or VoIP WiFi Addressable Amplified Speaker is capable of providing two dry contact, type A (normally open) outputs. Each output is programmable for a variety of uses such as activation of a strobe in a high noise area or initiating a door latch remotely.

Performance Specifications

AC Power
Input Voltage – 120/240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
Input Current – 0.35 A @ 120 V ac, 0.2 A @ 240 V ac

Power Over Ethernet (PoE), -701 and -702 models only
 – 802.3af compliant (via RJ45)

Speaker Output Power
With PoE – 8 W into 8-ohm load, or 6 W into 70.7 V/100 V system
With120/240 V ac input – 30 W into 8-ohm load, or 24 W into 70.7 V/100 V system
Line out (into 600 ohms) – 1.0 Vrms
Frequency Response – 300–3000 Hz

Network (Ethernet)
Signaling – SIP (RFC3261 compliant) Loose routing
Configuration – Embedded web server, Embedded Telnet server, Configuration file download, Configuration file building tool (Vconf.exe), Direct serial connection, (Nine-way D-type female connector), Command line interface, SNTP with time zone and daylight saving, Automatic updating via TFTP, Password protection

Control Outputs
Output 1
Isolated solid switch state – 50 milliamps @ 30 V ac/dc (resistive load)

Output 2
Isolated SPST relay – 10 amps @ 30 V ac/dc (resistive load)

WiFi Module, -801 and -802 models only
Antenna (internal) – 2.4 GHz, 2.0 dBi, 50-ohm, omni-directional, ¼ wavelength, dipole configuration, VSWR <2.0
Standards – Wireless 802.11b, 802.11g
Static IP provisioning or DHCP STUN client (NAT traversal)
Frequency – Europe 2.412–2.472 GHz USA 2.412–2.462 GHz

Physical Dimensions – 13.00 H x 9.25 W x 4.00 D inches; (330 x 235 x 102 mm)
Enclosure material – High-impact, glass-reinforced polyester
Connections of conduit – Four drill spots for location of conduit
Mounting – Surface-mounting: four 0.28-inch mounting holes
Color – Gray
Shipping Weights:
Model 10370-701 – 6.0 lbs. (2.72 kg)
Model 10370-702 – 6.1 lbs. (2.77 kg)
Model 10370-801 – 6.5 lbs. (2.95 kg)
Model 10370-802 – 6.6 lbs. (2.99 kg)

Temperature range : -4º F to +167º F (-20º C to +75º C)
Weatherproof rating – Rainproof (3R)
Humidity – Up to 95%, non-condensing

USA – FCC Modular Approval, FCC ID: FCC ID: XM5-SM2144N1 CFR Title 47 FCC Part 15, Subpart B and C
Canada – Industry Canada Module Approval IC: 8516A-SM2144N2 Industry Canada ICES-003, RSS-Gen, RSS-210

Ordering Information

10370-701 VoIP – Speaker Amplifier Assembly with 8-Ohm Output
10370-702 VoIP – Speaker Amplifier Assembly with 70.7 V and 100 V Audio Output
10370-801 – WiFi Speaker Amplifier Assembly with 8-Ohm Output
10370-802 – WiFi Speaker Amplifier Assembly with 70.7 V and 100 V Audio Output