Minelec solves problems. In 1998 when PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara wanted to install a 5km long conveyor belt in the jungles of Indonesia they turned to Minelec for help. Minelec engineers designed , supplied, delivered and installed a complete system that would provide life safety and conveyor control devices all the way to the jungles of Indonesia. The system would have to operate in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. It would also need to operate with maximum uptime and minimal technical maintenance for many years to come. The Minelec team of engineers supplied PT Amman Mineral with exactly that.

In late 2015, just prior to the rainy season, PTNNT contacted Minelec Limited with an invitation to assist them with a technical audit of their Minelec overland conveyor control system. Minelec designed the conveyor control system in 1998 and it has been in operation almost continuously since that time.

Minelec spent a week on site inspecting the system components and assemblies and found that virtually all of the equipment was still in good working order.

Essentially, the audit revealed that only routine maintenance was required and that despite the severe operating conditions (continuous vibration, monsoon rains in rainy season, dry, hot and dusty conditions in summer), no major equipment issues were uncovered.

Due to the rugged and reliable design of the Minelec equipment, the system has  operated in the Indonesian jungle with minimal maintenance and  cost.

conveyor and controller

Lock out devices on the Amman Mineral Overland Conveyor


The Minelec System incorporates the following features:

  • Almost 15km Lockout Pull Cable
  • 180 Lockout Pull Keys
  • Belt Alignment at strategic locations
  • Pre Start Alarm (PSA)
  • Tail End Termination
  • Audio Communications
  • PLC Interface
  • Main Control Cabinet (dual)
Belt Alignment

Belt Alignment Unit

Rackmount TW15KS Front Angle

Rack Mount Controller


Pull Key

Minelec Limited is proud to produce quality, reliable solutions and products that will continue to function, no matter what the conditions. Even decades later, and after years of constant use, the system components have continued to do their job well. That’s what makes Minelec Limited stand apart.

At the conclusion of the audit, the client was provided with a concise and detailed 5,500 word report that included suggested maintenance policies and procedures. The implementation of these suggestions will ensure that the system continues to run at optimal levels for another 20 years in the most cost effective manner.

As a manufacturer and distributor of specially designed mining solutions, we make an engineer’s job easier. We’re all in-house from supply, to installation, to commission, to service support. We’re there for the demands of the project and we’re committed to providing the reliability and value with all our systems.