Minelec Limited is the Canadian manufacturer and distributor of choice for communication solutions across the commercial, industrial and transportation sectors. We consolidate project concerns by providing engineering, design, manufacturing and installation services under one roof. With a history built on delivering solutions that range from all-in-one systems to application specific product, we have the expertise to deliver on a variety of project requirements to deliver on a variety of project requirements.

Made in Canada Circuit Board



  • Made In Canada
  • Factory assembled cabinets
  • Analog, VOIP and four wire solutions
  • Robust & vandal resistant solutions
  • Unlimited zones
  • Audibility and intelligibility
Minelec PA Systems Product Highlight
  • Assembled by Minelec
  • Supplies from multiple subs
  • Detailed wire diagrams & submittals
  • Professional cable management
  • Simple and cost-effective service
  • ESA & other approvals, Certification guarantee



  • Stand alone intercom system
  • PBX based system
  • IP based intercom system
  • TSSA and AODA compliant Elevator Intercom solutions
  • Software based PBX system
  • SIP based communication architecture
  • Centralized control and provisioning
  • Legacy cable integration

Functionality includes:

  • Emergency intercom
  • Public address
  • Telephone systems
  • SIP integration


  • Emergency Phones and Intercoms
  • Gate Entry Phones
  • Emergency Stanchions
  • Pedestals
  • Elevator Communications
  • Mass Notification Integration
  • Custom Metalwork
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Software
  • Induction Loop Amplifiers
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Real Time Locating