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Digital Sequence and Slip Roller

Description: Davis Derby manufactures two types of conveyor sequence and belt slip roller. They can be used to provide a simple…

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WiPAN conveyor pullkey monitoring

Features: Reduced downtimes and delays Pinpoint multiple faults Self-diagnostics Remote real-time data Remote sensor monitoring Retro-fit option Personnel and vehicle…

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Pull wire, Pull cable and Accessories

Pull wire The pull wire supplied is a flexible steel wire cord 3/16” outside diameter with green or red PVC covering.

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Pease Probe Sensing Device

Description: The Pease Probe Sensing device comprises of a compact weatherproof plastic moulded enclosure containing a micro-switch and associated terminals. The…

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Conveyor Stop/Emergency Stop Pull key Systems

Description: Minewatch’s comprehensive range of conveyor protection devices protect people and plant in quarries, mines, tunnels, processing plants, ports and railway depots…

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Heavy Duty Back Spillage Detector

Description: The Heavy Duty Back Spillage Detector is designed to prevent spillage of conveyed mineral around transfer points and chutes. The complete transducer comprises…

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Belt Alignment and Tear Device

Description: The complete transducer comprises of two identical units, one positioned each side of the conveyor to be protected. This device…

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Belt Alignment Switch

Description This robust unit is designed to give consistent and reliable operation when used in the most demanding of environments such as…

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M69-300 Series Emergency Stop Conveyor Pull Key

Description Our tautwire pullkey is a superbly styled pullkey providing safety protection in the vicinity of moving machinery. The unit…

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