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Minelec offers products, services and custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

We are a fully integrated system to provide an all in one solution for a robust and reliable public address system. Our cabinets are fully configurable to the user’s needs, with each design being custom tailored to the project at hand.



IR Voicelink

This system improves communication between the operator and customers through the glass panel of a ticket booth.

  • The unit integrates an IR sensor that detects the proximity of a customer approaching the ticket booth and automatically enables the audio path
  • Does not require any modification to the glass of the ticket booth
  • Frees up the operator from worrying about the audio switching while still including the option of manual takeover

Ambient Noise Compensation Unit

The ambient noise compensation unit was created to help solve the issue of widely varying noise levels in an environment using a combination of a 1U rack mount unit and a sense microphone on the platform of the station.

  • Automatic adjustment of system volume based on the ambiance levels
  • Includes adjustable threshold levels for detection functions
  • Feedback reduction algorithm

Resident Response

Minelec designed a system which moved away from the traditional buzzer alarm system to a unified monitoring system with capacity for up to 80 help alarms.

  • A combination of custom hardware and software allowed for the creation of a monitor station that gave the staff the ability to check the status of multiple rooms with a single glance.
  • Audio-visual feedback for active alarms also adds to the functionality of the overall system.

Mixer PreAmplifier

The Minelec Mixer Preamplifier is a 10 input mixer with 8 low-noise microphone inputs, an auxiliary input and balanced 600Ω input. In addition, the unit provides:

  • Data communication to host computer for channel switching. Additional contact input for automatic routing of emergency audio.
  • Compressor/Limiter on master channel with accurate metering section for precise control of output levels
  • Flexible tone control on each channel to adjust for source audio if necessary
  • Combining these features and others, the unit takes handles a great deal of functionality within a 1U rack space.



  • Unlimited Paging Zones
  • Prerecorded and scheduled paging, message queuing
  • English and French Text to Speech Paging
  • Live and Remote Paging
  • Touch Screen Paging terminals
  • Management of paging priorities

System Configuration

  • Remote System Management
  • Configurable Contact inputs
  • Automatic Noise Compensation
  • 4-wire and IP/Fiber-Optic enterprise connectivity
  • Scheduled volume levels


  • Comprehensive System Monitoring with Fault Outputs
  • Real Time Dual Redundant Amplifier Operation
  • Fire Alarm input for PA override
  • Emergency Paging Capability
  • Remote Diagnostics


  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Complete Cabinet Certification
  • Isolated Demarcation to Field Cabling
  • Din Rail Test Terminals
  • System MTBF (Field Evaluated) of >100,000 Hours