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Workplace safety is of prime importance in the mining industry. And a large part of mining safety derives from effective communication. Not only are clear communications necessary for the effective function of any mine, but intercom systems and intercoms can play a crucial role in an emergency response plan. The necessity of easy and reliable communication is a must for voice alarm and evacuation systems. Mine operators who are responsible for worker’s safety can use public address systems for various eventualities and announcements.

For mining safety, redundant forms of communication help to alleviate the burden placed on one avenue of mass notification. Notification systems can be incorporated into creating better and stronger security features for mines like co-ordination with emergency services and community standards. Intercom systems can target specific messages to certain areas helps get information where it needs to go. Multiple access and control points which incorporate other systems act as part of the emergency voice communication network. Intercom systems can act in conjunction with cell-phones, and other integrated messages along with CB radios, and in the event of an emergency can contact public and civic teams. Intercom systems can cut through ambient and environmental noises to target a large group simultaneously allowing for quick reactions for time-sensitive solutions.

It’s necessary for emergency and communication equipment to work well and continue to function in adverse environments associated with mining. Part of mass notification system alerting includes immediate and intrusive alerting in the forms of voice or siren notifications over IP intercom systems with regard to hazard specific legislation referring to mine safety of workers regulations. Updating intercom systems and integrating new features aids in safety and health management and crisis management.

Overall, effective emergency response plans which include all areas of communication are part of having a functioning health and safety program. Good effective communication equipment creates easier health and safety simulation drills or exercise while helping on-site safety professionals and safety trainers plan for all situations.

Post Author: Mike Delaney