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Minelec Audio Mixer

Minelec creates public address (PA) systems for environments like train platforms and railway stations. Minelec has developed technological strategies for adjusting communication systems to compensate for industrial conditions. A Minelec IP PA System includes devices to clearly broadcast messages during high and low traffic times that are a natural result of public transportation. Minelec devices are also able to integrate with new as well as old technology to cut costs. Integration also allows for new technology to connect with other Transit partners.

A Minelec IP PA System can provide complete control and supervision of an installed PA System. The M65‐540 Series IP PA Manager is designed with train platforms in mind. It is TCP/IP network connected. To provide good coverage in an industrial area, it offers control of signal routing, audio parameters, prioritization of page messages, diagnostics, and logging.

This PA Manager can detect configured device types automatically if they are connected to the system. It can also configure those devices as necessary. To help with varying sound levels in different areas of public transportation, audio level data from each zone can route for display to configured Paging Monitor Devices. This system includes dual capability of networks to allow for connections to other PA systems and servers. A backup of all system configuration data and log reports can be automatically backed up using FTP to a server.

The IP PA Managers provide configuration using the Minelec IP Enterprise Utility for the entire system, including zone names, zone group configuration, audio channel configuration, priority allocations, zone volume level control and paging device configuration.

An amplifier can work with a PA system to create better audio coverage of an area, microphones and loud speakers can also be used in conjunction with a PA system mixer to cover a pre-determined area with a recorded message. The M61‐950‐005 Dual 125W Amplifier can be incorporated with the Minelec IP Public Address system. This allows for flexibility when designed PA systems with zone requirements. This specific amplifier can operate as either two 125W amplifiers, or one single 250W amplifier. The M61‐950‐005 also includes balanced 600 Ohm screw terminal inputs, and an unbalanced Hi‐Z input & parallel ‘Patch’ output connection. This amplifier is designed for continuous activity. It also includes multiple safety protections. The design includes many safeguards to ensure long life, including: short circuit, peak overload, current limiting, thermal runaway, and a DC output for quiet power on.

Minelec is committed to safety. So before leaving the factory all the Minelec Industrial public address systems go through a double approval process. First, all the equipment that is part of the Minelec PA cabinet undoes a safety approval. Second, the whole cabinet itself, which includes the wiring, is ESA/CSA inspected. It is then certified with a unique identification serial number which is attached to the Minelec IP PA Cabinet itself.

Post Author: Mike Delaney