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Minelec Mic/Line Mixer

We’re a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of engineered solutions since 1976. We create communications solutions to make an engineer’s job easier. We design, manufacture, and install all in-house.

We create public address systems, intercom systems, emergency communications, control room digital signage, and custom enclosures and pedestals. We become a single point of contact for design, manufacturing, installation, and support. That means increased efficiency and reduced overhead with consistent, measurable results. And we offer complete accountability from project to inception to delivery.

Our solutions are developed and designed based on what the client needs and requires. This makes each solution unique to fit exactly within the plans for the engineer’s plans. We can offer a range of services and equipment from installation of a point to point intercom system, to a full enterprise solution with media and data exchange. Our systems are able to communicate with PA systems, cameras, speakers, mobile devices, intercoms, terminals, servers, and amplifiers. We also know how to interface software and firmware with legacy and other systems to better fit to your existing communications devices or systems.

Our expertise is in public address systems, industrial communications, and mining & manufacturing. We offer solutions for medical facilities, transit facilities, high rise buildings, institutional buildings, and industrial buildings. Our equipment is manufactured here in Canada and can include custom design options like metalwork, software, signage, and logos.

We also preform multi-stage testing and full system documentation, which includes actual wiring diagrams, technical writing, and assistance with specifications. We understand the codes and what compliance with those codes means. We know what the best practices are for communications. We also know how to fit our technology for a purpose.

Find out if we can help create an engineered solution for you. We are committed to delivering reliability and value with every system. Learn more about our custom solutions.

Post Author: Mike Delaney