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In mid-November, we attended a Lunch n’ Learn with Crossey Engineering Limited located in Toronto. We enjoyed gathering with other local companies and individuals to learn together. It is always good to build community around each other’s expertise, and create an environment to grow and learn.

In hearing from other experts in the field, we are able to hear about what else is going on in our area, as well as what new innovations are being created. The continual development and cultivation of new ideas is critical to the communications sector. Hearing ideas and concepts from other companies and organizations is a great way to learn about what works and what might help our own business improve. It is also important for finding new ways to avoid problems in the future.

Gathering during a lunch n’ learn in the community is a great way to make new contacts and re-establish old connections. Local communities are a great avenue for support. Sharing resources and information helps build community-based business.

We hope to continue learning and engaging with our community. Lunch n’ Learns is one way we get involved locally. Building a base of engaged and active members helps us continue to advance.

We specialize and design industrial communication systems for mining and manufacturing. We also develop unique solutions for transit facilities, high-rise buildings, medical facilities, and instructional buildings. We design and engineer specific solutions for engineers. We create public address and emergency communication systems here in Ontario. And our communications solutions are manufactured in Canada. Our manufacturing and support takes place locally. That’s part of why building a community base is so important.

Even if a future lunch n’ learn is not about our specific expertise, it is good to know what the community around us is doing. Re-establishing contacts is always important. Having a good community around new and new, or emerging technologies and developments helps us to continue to create innovative solutions. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from leaders in our field, and apply those ideas in the field.

Post Author: Mike Delaney