Products Suitable For Data Transmission

Minelec Mining Products: Davis Derby

Minelec is proud to offer Davis Derby mining products for conveyor control monitoring and protection.  This range of conveyor protection devices helps to protect and equipment in industrial areas such as: quarries, mines, tunnels, processing plants, ports and railway depots. Below is the equipment suitable for surface engineering applications. All these devices can be used new or retrofit to older schemes. Minelec also manufactures bespoke systems for companies worldwide. So, if you do not find what you are looking for, Minelec can create a solution for the specific requirements of the project.


Conveyor Stop / Emergency Stop Pull Key Systems

Conveyor Stop and Emergency Stop Pull Key Systems

The main device for stopping a conveyor system is the pull cable or wire operated switch. The conveyor stops were designed for use in critical safety systems. These double-sided stop devices can function normally as a stop-switch, or they can be wired to function as an emergency stop to halt all movement of the conveyer in the instance of an event. If acting as an emergency stop, the connected micro-switches will comply with emergency stop standards. If the pullkey is being used normally, it can be rendered to moving parts of the machinery to render them safe. These can be used along with relay control units or a control circuit to be compliant with emergency stop safety standards.


Wipan conveyor PullKey Monitoring

WiPan Conveyor Pullkey Monitoring Signal Monitoring with WiFi

Wireless technology was added to the pullkey system to reduce downtimes and delays. It was first designed for the location of miners underground, but can be used for many other applications includes remote monitoring. This can integrate directly with the conveyor pullkey system so that it can gives accurate condition monitoring and data in real-time. These advancements in the personal WIFI improve safety conditions. It can help to provide information of the system for more fast and accurate management decisions to be made on the operated systems.


Belt Alignment Switch and Tear Device

Belt Alignment Tear Device or Switch for Mining

These two units are placed on each side of the conveyor to detect misalignment or ‘wander’ of the conveyor belt. This will help prevent spillage from the tipping of the conveyor belt. If the unit senses a misalignment, the actuating arm rotates upward to a horizontal position allowing it to be seen from along the conveyor.


Blocked Chute Probe

Blocked Chute Probe for Mining

The blocked chute probe has a wide range of uses in mining and industrial applications. The weatherproof module has a flexible actuating probe which will then operate the micro-switch when it is deflected sideways. This probe is useful in a variety of situations more than blocked chutes including: broken haulage rope strands, belt misalignments, dead mans handles, torn belts, and liquid levels.


Heavy Duty Back Spillage Detector

Heavy Duty Back Spillage Dectector for Mining Conveyor Belts

The Heavy Duty Spillage Detector was created to prevent spills of a mineral on a conveyer belt system between various chutes and points. The system, comprised of two units, mounts on each side of the conveyor at the probable spill areas. If there is a spill, a trigger will be depressed within the unit itself. It is possible to create a time delay to prevent tripping a paddle unnecessarily if material temporarily depresses the paddle.


Digital Sequence and Slip Roller

Digital Sequence and Slip Roller Device for Mining

These provide a simple means of conveyor sequence control and for belt slip detection. These can help conveyor sequencing and detect if a belt is slipping. It can also prevent spillages from a conveyor system. This module can also give early warning of potential belt fires. One version is a cantilever type for mounting under the top belt such that it operates when the belt is fully loaded. The other version is a bottom belt type and is designed to fit adjacent to the conveyor structure such that the three drive rollers are in contact with the flat underside of the conveyor belt. They can be used to provide a simple means of conveyor sequence control and also for belt slip detection.


Mine-wide Supervisory Control Data Transmission

Products Suitable for Data Transmission

Davis Derby provides supervisory control and monitoring of the mine environment, fixed plant and mobile equipment. Different options for their equipment include: Fibre Optic Transmission, FSK SAP Transmission, Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Switch and Media Convertor, MineSCADA, RS485/242 Modbus Communications.

These safety automation systems offer different price ranges for data transmission to meet the standard safety requirements. Ethernet compatible devices like video cameras and underground terminals can be connected to the Ethernet Switch and Media Convertor for use in mines or mining. The MineSCADA offers complete control of mine monitoring and control to have total control of the mine. This can be installed across an IT network or on one device. The modular system can also monitor problems and send alerts to technicians.