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Loud Speakers for Emergency Communication

How do you improve an emergency communication system? With many newer wireless technologies replacing physical cables and older, traditional equipment, keeping up to date can become a difficult task. Especially in industrial or hazardous environments, good emergency communication systems are necessary, and so is keeping those systems updated. As communication technologies will continue to improve and evolve it is important to focus on a few general principles. Here are three basics to keep in mind when making a better communication system.


Improve Equipment

After time, wear, and tear, equipment has to be updated. For emergency communication systems, having good equipment is vital. That means keeping equipment in good working order. Updated equipment keeps emergency communication system better as a whole. Part of updating equipment is also briefing personnel on how to use new equipment. Improving equipment allows for a more streamlined and reliable system and better, newer technology and better communications. Most of improving equipment is upgrading the capabilities of response. However, it also means improving the equipment that surrounds emergency communication systems, like better cameras and motioning. All upgrades address overall safety concerns by improving emergency response effectiveness and times.



Improve Communication

Emergency communication systems are a large part of emergency response plans. Better communication allows for collaboration and efficiency. Communicating faster means a quicker response, which is why newer technologies that connect to more devices are useful. There are many new upgrades to improve a communication system. When upgrading an emergency communication system look for greater area coverage. Newer technologies allow for information to be exchanged digitally across distances. With the best tools, underground and surface communication are available in real-time. Personnel tagging related to the wireless network can also help in rescue efforts in the event of an emergency. Systems that are able to contact outside agencies in the event of an emergency are also important. Better communication can mean more access points. In mining, underground communication directly from a team to an above-ground team either wirelessly or via cables improves emergency communications. Responders are able to quickly relaying information to coordinate a response effort. Consolidating emergency services while utilizing technology links systems together to improve response. Emphasizing state-of-the-art communication might include: mapping, monitoring, the ability to display and collect multiple sources of information at once, and creating electronic communication logs.

Communication devices can better connect rescue directly with a data center or command center in real-time. Remote monitoring during emergencies is also possible, so that information can be better disseminated to the best responders. This might allow for briefing of dangerous situations in real-time.



Improve Technology

Updating and upgrading emergency communication systems technology is an integral part of an emergency response plan. Upgrading to wireless systems or partially wireless systems that can potentially enhance safety. In an industrial environment, like underground or surface mines, the best technology in emergencies can make individuals safer. While leaky feeders are still commonly used, more modern upgrades include using RFID and through-the-earth technology, especially in underground mines. Mobile technology is starting to take precedence over physical cables. Wireless technology allows for a higher number of potential points of contact. With more access points, if one area or section becomes damaged, there is a better opportunity to connect to a central network from another point. If all the information relays to one room or point, it can create a central system, or a data room which centralizes all incoming information to better see the situation as a whole. Updating multiple emergency repeaters, which are used to relay long distant radio signals are just one example of improvements in technology. Upgrades in technology enable safer, and also faster rescue operations and reduce any potential for miscommunication leading to a safer working environment for miners.


Good emergency communication systems do more than alert and raise an alarm, they can also help in recovery by contacting a central location with details on equipment and individuals. Minelec creates and designs emergency communication system solutions. From design to installation, Minelec creates turnkey solutions to upgrade or start from scratch.

Post Author: Mike Delaney