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Minelec In Indonesia

Minelec in Indonesia

In 2015, one of Minelec’s mining clients, PT Newmont Nusa Tengara, (PTNNT) requested we complete an Audit of Minelec’s Conveyor Control System. That system was installed at the PTNNT Batu Hijau project in the late 1990’s. Overall, the Audit revealed…

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Canadian Mining Moving Into 2016

Canadian Mining Moving into 2016

Overall, Canada’s economy is expected to begin regaining momentum from the small recession last year, as we move into 2016. An increase in exports and in infrastructure investment are expected to drive industry in 2016. In the mining sector, most…

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Canaries And Mining Safety

Canaries and Mining Safety

Not too long ago, a miner’s safety was left up to the canaries. These birds were brought down into the mines to sit next to the workers. The bird was more susceptible to the dangerous gases in the air. So…

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The Importance Of Mining Communication

The Importance of Mining Communication

The importance of good communication systems for proper mining safety cannot be overstated. In the early development and planning process of a mine, installing and designing communication is crucial. During the beginning stages of mining exploration, communications may not be…

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Communications In Smelting

Communications in Smelting

Within the loud industrial noise of a smelting facility, clear communication can be difficult. That is why it is important to have proper equipment suited to a specific environment. Smelting can be both hazardous and intensive work. There are unique…

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